When I awoke in the morning, I looked down at my beautiful bride, she was sleeping peacefully in my arms. I was debating on whether or not I should wake her, when I heard a low knock at the door. It must have been our breakfast, that I ordered last night I carefully got out of bed, and answered the door. It was indeed room service.I grabbed the tray, and walked back into the bedroom. Hayleigh was rubbing her eyes, and just waking up. She smiled when she seen me standing in the door way. “Good morning husband,” she said still smiling. I had to admit, every time she says husband, I get weak in the knees. “Good morning my beautiful wife,” I said holding up the tray. “You ordered us breakfast?” She asked sitting up. “Well, I ordered it last night, big day planned, and even a better night. So how about we eat this breakfast and get this day started,” I said putting the tray on the bed. “You know, you didn’t have to do all this for me, I would have been happy just spending the day inside with you,” she smiled. “I know, but that’s why I am doing it. You deserve the best,” I smiled back. “You’re lucky I’m hungry, or you know I’d argue that,” she laughed taking a piece of bacon. I smiled, and we ate our food in silence. After we were done, we got ready, and we went to my first surprise. A couples massage. Hayleigh was on one table, and I was on the other. After ten minutes into it, Hayleigh looked at me and smiled. “Babe, how many kids do you plan on having?” She smirked. “Well, you know I come from a big family so I guess about 6,” I answered truthfully. “That’s a half dozen,” she said laughing. “Well, I got one, so you only have to carry five,” I said taking She laughed and then was quiet for a few minutes. I was trying to read her face, but there was nothing, maybe that was too many for her. I went to get up, but she spoke again. “Well, it looks like we’re going to have to add on to that three bedroom,” she said smiling. Was she serious. I gave a high number thinking maybe she would try and get it lowered, and i would have been able to argue and get the three I originally wanted to have. “So, you’re okay with having six?” I asked her. “I’m okay with whatever you want. Roman I love you, there is no doubting that, and I want to make you happy, so if it’s six you want, six you will have,” she smiled again. “How did I get so lucky to find you?” I asked her, but she laughed again. “You find me, I believe my sign found you,” she said. “Hayleigh, it don’t matter if you had the sign or not, you’re my soul mate. I would have found my way to you somehow,” I told her smiling. She smiled, and got up off the table, she looked at the woman doing my massage, and moved her away. “You know, I did take a massage course in collage,” she said sitting on my back. I couldn’t believe it, everyday she surprises me more. “How does this feel,” she said,massaging my shoulders. “Better then that other lady,” I said amazed, and I heard her chuckle. After she was done giving me a whole body massage, well, not my soldier because we were outside, but I turned underneath her, and pulled her down to my chest. “You amaze me everyday,” I whispered. “As do you,” she smiled against my chest. After a few minutes, we got dressed, and went for lunch. As I was sitting there remembering our wedding yesterday, when I remembered Mikey showing his face at the reception, and who sent him. “Babe, yesterday when Mikey showed up, what did you think he wanted?” I asked her. “Probably nothing, and I was thinking about kicking Melissa’s ass again, but what would accomplish, so how about let’s just let it go,” she said smiling, taking a sip of her water. “Are you sure?”I asked her confused. “Didn’t you ever hear, the best things in like aren’t said. Leaving her go will just piss her off even more, or maybe that was just her way of being jealous that I have you now, because we all know Mikey is,” she replied. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to let it go, but then thought maybe she was right. “See what I mean, you amaze me,” I told her grabbing her hands. “No, I am nothing to be amazed by, how about we go back to our room, and I amaze you the right way,” she said as she winked. Was she serious? “Well, I did have a skydiving lesson planned, but if you want to do that,” I told her smirking. “Well, If you still wanna go to the lesson we can, but I thought I would finish up that massage,” she said laughing. “I think you did a great job this morning with that,” I said holding out my hand. “Well, I didn’t get to relax that special part,” she said blushing. “Back to the hotel we go,” I told her smiling. I couldn’t help it, although my body was still relaxed from the one she gave me earlier, I couldn’t say no. We finished eating, and went back to the hotel. “Now, get naked and lay on the bed,” she said as soon as we walked in. “No, I was thinking maybe I can give you one,” I replied. She laughed and walked over to me. “I said get naked and get your ass on the bed,” she said undoing my belt. “If you want that, you’re gonna have to do it yourself,” I told her crossing my arms. “Well, if I am going to undress you the rest of the way, come on,” she said taking me into the bedroom. She went into the drawer, and pulled out a pair of handcuffs from behind her back. “Are we getting kinky?” I asked raising an eye brow. “These, are to make sure you don’t fight me,” she said winking, and i let her put them on me, and hook them to the headboard. As soon as she locked them, there was a knock on the door. “Should we leave it go?” She asked. “No, go get it or they’re gonna be knocking all day,” I replied smiling. I listened as she opened the door, and then seen someone standing in the doorway. “What the fuc…….” A/N: Alright so I know it’s not the best chapter, but there you have it. I promise the next one will be longer, and better………. Now, who do you think was standing in the door way? Comment!!!!!!!!!


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